Vapour Organic Beauty Foundation

VAPOUR ORGANIC BEAUTY Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation

While this foundation offers medium coverage, if you are looking for make-up made with organic and wildcrafted ingredients that still has a flexible feel due to silica, this VAPOUR ORGANIC BEAUTY Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation offers just that.

This is one of my favorite foundations because it’s well-suited for dry, maturing skin (which I have now that I’m almost 40 years old). If you have oily skin, this VAPOUR ORGANIC BEAUTY foundation will likely be too slick and oily for you. The formula for this Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation mainly consists of a duo of organic oils, followed by silica – making it very slippery. Despite this, the oils feel like they absorb relatively well and provide relief to dryness, and the silica gives the product further slip and movement.

Vapour Organic Beauty Foundation

The price of this VAPOUR ORGANIC BEAUTY foundation is $50 USD (from, or $63 CAD (from The size of this foundation is 1.16 fl. oz., or 32.89 g, and this product is made in the USA. These are 2018 prices. Please note that this product is not vegan as it contains beeswax, and also contains non-GMO soy. The shelf life of this Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation is 18 months, and it is packaged in an air-tight pump.

If you like products with natural ingredients, this VAPOUR ORGANIC BEAUTY foundation is made from a base of organic camellia and sunflower oils. Other organic ingredients in this formulation includes beeswax, holy basil leaf extract, and lotus leaf extract.

Vapour Organic Beauty Foundation

Wildcrafted ingredients in this Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation include myrrh gum oil and frankincense gum.

If you read the list of ingredients, you’ll feel much better about the price of this product. I feel this foundation is really well-priced compared to other name brand make-up that contains petroleum ingredients but sells for the same price. For the complete list of ingredients, click here.

Furthermore, VAPOUR ORGANIC BEAUTY states that this product contains 70% organic ingredients, 30% minerals & essential oils, is chemical- free and cruelty-free, and contains no nanoparticles or irradiation. The product is made using wind power, the ingredients are biodegradable, and all the packaging components are recyclable.

Vapour Organic Beauty Foundation

So, if you’re interested in this VAPOUR ORGANIC BEAUTY product, keep in mind this product is oil-based and very slippery, staying pliable on the face all day long – which is the main reason I love this product. While this is a great for dry or maturing skin, you do have to be very careful not to scratch or scrape your face as the foundation will wipe away. However, the formulation is so flexible it can be easily touched up by just wiping the product back into place with a clean finger – it is very forgiving.

I recommend using this foundation without too much underneath as it is very slick, almost like it has a built-in primer due to the oils and silica. The texture is very runny, perhaps just slightly thicker than olive oil.

Vapour Organic Beauty Foundation

This Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation is the easiest and fastest make-up to apply. I can apply this foundation to my entire face in about 2 minutes. It is one of the smoothest and most even foundations I’ve used. Despite it being very slippery and oil-based, it can be easily layered to add coverage (though it isn’t full-coverage). I typically apply an even, quick layer to my entire face, then dab another thin layer to any blemishes. Sometimes I will add a third or fourth layer to more obvious spots that require more coverage.

I actually really like that it isn’t full-coverage as it looks very natural, though it does allow for moderate blemishes to peek through slightly. But with that said, this foundation is loaded with pigmentation.

Vapour Organic Beauty Foundation

While this foundation isn’t matte, there’s a way to remove some of the sheen without removing too much of the coverage. I like to blot my entire face very gently with a tissue to remove any excess oil. The result is a nearly matte finish that still has a slight sheen that looks dewy rather than oily. If you try this, you will find that you do remove more color than you might expect, but I simply tap a very fine layer over any blemishes that become uncovered.

When I wear this VAPOUR ORGANIC FOUNDATION in the summer, I apply it more thinly due to it’s oily consistency and flexibility. However, it does hold up quite well in the heat, though you will definitely want to blot any excess off so it stays in place better during warmer weather.

Unfortunately, Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation is only offered in 12 shades, and if you have a darker complexion, you only have 2 to 4 shades to pick from. The color featured in this review is S120, which was miraculously the exact color of my skin and the first foundation I’ve found to match me perfectly.

Please be aware that the swatches for this foundation appear to be much lighter than in reality. My shade is shown much lighter online, and I had to take a guess at my color, so I suggest choosing your color by the written description given for the shades, which describes the main hue as well as the undertones in the color. The shade I purchased is S120, which is described as “ideal for light/medium skin with neutral/pink undertones”.

Vapour Organic Beauty Foundation

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Please note that is NOT an affiliate of VAPOUR ORGANIC BEAUTY, nor any of the stores mentioned in this review.

Based on the safety ratings for ingredients according to (Environmental Working Group), all of the ingredients in this formulation are considered “low hazard”, with the exception of titanium dioxide which is rated low to “moderate hazard”, depending on the usage.

Vapour Organic Beauty Foundation

Overall, this product is excellent in terms of the high-quality ingredients, the air-tight pump that keeps the oils in this foundation fresh, the natural-looking coverage, strong pigmentation, and the price – typically, half a pump of product is enough to cover the entire face and layer over blemishes. My only criticism is that there’s a bit too much slip in this product – perhaps a little less oil and silica would keep the foundation in place better.


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