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STASH TEA Maple Apple Cider Herbal Tea

With all the designer teas available, I often forget about a brand like Stash Tea that offers great teas at a fraction of the cost. A pack of 10 tea bags from the Stash Tea website costs $2.50 USD – that’s 25 cents a cup!

There’s not much you can buy today for 25 cents – and many of the Stash Tea blends I’ve tried are more flavorful than those from the fancy, higher priced tea brands.

Now that it’s almost November, the leaves have fallen and Autumn is in full swing and we’re all in a nostalgic mood for warm and spicy flavors. This rooibos tea takes the flavor of apple cider to another level – by adding a hint of smoky maple syrup.

Stash Maple Apple Cider Tea Review

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  • “This herbal tea combines the sweetness of maple with the tartness of apple” – from
  • “Fruity hibiscus and rooibos have been blended with sweet cinnamon, maple, apple and caramel flavors” – from
  • “A touch of sugar brings out the flavor” – from
  • product shown in this review is box of 18 tea bags
  • Maple Apple Cider is part of their Cup of Joy holiday collection
  • all natural ingredients
  • rooibos-based tea
  • sugar-free
  • caffeine-free
  • kosher


The 2017 price for a pack of 10 tea bags was $2.50 USD at In Canada, this product can be purchased from for $4.49 CAD per box of 18 bags.



  • bits of rooibos tea and finely ground hibiscus and cinnamon


  • slight smokey scent mingled with spicy apples


  • tastes like cinnamon and apples with a hint of smoky maple
  • no sweetness, just the essences of maple syrup, apple, and cinnamon

Stash Tea Review


Stash Tea recommends steeping one bag in 8 ounces of hot water for 3-5 minutes.

However, you can make a decent cup of tea by simply dunking a bag in hot water for a about a minute. There’s lots of color released immediately, creating a beautiful red-brown. If you’re in a rush, 1 minute steeping time will still give you a nice flavor but you will miss out on much of the maple taste.

If you want a good strong cuppa that produces all the flavors in this blend, I’d recommend steeping a bag in a cup of near-boiling water for about 8 minutes. You’ll get more of the smoky maple taste – which is what makes this tea unique – and a good kick of apple and cinnamon.

I drank this tea iced a couple times, and it was pretty good – it was like a light version of apple cider without the sweetness, with the added layer of smokiness. I simply placed a tea bag in a bottle of cold water and waited about 5 minutes for the flavor to emerge. This is another reason I love teas that are finely ground – you can make a cold version in a cinch without using ice cubes.

Stash Tea Review


While I buy most of my tea from Davids Tea, I often forget about this gem of a brand. Back in university, I drank a lot of Stash Tea, particularly the Licorice Spice.

What I love about Stash Tea blends is that they grind up the ingredients really well so that every cup tastes the same and there’s usually lots of flavor. Sometimes I find that Davids Tea produces slightly different cups of tea depending on what you scoop up, and the large chunks of fruit and nuts don’t offer as much taste as they could if they were ground or crushed.

While I expected this tea to have more maple flavor, it was very tasty, though the flavor was mostly of cinnamon and apple. I was worried that this might be one of those disgusting blends that sound great in theory but fails during execution. However, the maple was subtle enough to not taste odd, adding a smoky kick to the flavor of spicy apple.

My one big complaint about teas containing hibiscus is that the hibiscus typically overwhelms all the other ingredients – but this tea stayed true to it apple and spice flavor, which is another reason I liked this tea more than I’d expected.

For those who shy away from sweet teas, you will be happy to know that this one is not sweet at all. If you have a sweet tooth, you can add a little of your favorite sweetener.

Stash Tea Review


This Stash Tea blend can be found in Canada at London Drugs and Safeway grocery stores. Canadians can also purchase Maple Apple Cider Tea from This product can also be purchased directly from Stash Tea’s website. is not an affiliate of London Drugs, Safeway, or Stash Tea.


  • founded in Portland in 1972, supplying bulk herbs and tea to health stores
  • today, is one of the largest tea companies based in the United States

Stash Tea Review



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4 thoughts on “STASH TEA Maple Apple Cider Herbal Tea”

  1. Stash is my go-to tea brand because I have always found the designer teas to be too weak. I like a strong cup of tea, licorice being my favorite, but now I can’t wait to try maple apple cider! Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Like you, I LOVE the Licorice Spice tea. Why have I become such a tea snob and resorted myself to only buying loose leaf teas these days?

    It’s been a while since I tried the Maple Apple Cider, but I recall not being overwhelmed by sweetness. I may have to revisit this tea soon. Winter is coming. 🙂

    1. I have become a tea snob, too, and I really need to go back to buying some of my old favorites from Stash Tea and Celestial Seasonings 🙂 Yes, Winter is coming, or perhaps already here. It’s currently -1 C in Calgary.

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