LUSH Shaving Cream

LUSH D’Fluff Shaving Cream

This rapeseed-based shaving product by LUSH smells more like a combination of white chocolate and flowers rather than the strawberry scent it is said to have.

This little black pot contains 70 g of LUSH D’Fluff shaving cream, which is about enough for two complete shaves of your entire body (legs, private parts, and underarms).

The 2018 price of this product was $12.95 USD, or $12.95 CAD if you shop from the Canadian website. This product is made in Canada, and has a shelf life of about 12 months. is NOT an affiliate of LUSH.

Please note this product is not vegan as it contains eggs, which is what gives it a fluffy texture. For those with allergies, be mindful that this product also contains strawberries and rose absolute oil.

LUSH describes this shaving cream as having a “marshmallowy texture that will leave your skin silky smooth”, and the fair-trade cocoa butter will “leave skin moisturized and helps keep post-shave redness to a minimum.”

LUSH Shaving Cream

While the texture is fluffy and oily, it doesn’t leave a greasy feel on your skin, nor does it gunk up your razor. The texture is airy, rich, and with just the right amount of oil. However, it’s oily enough to stay in place when water is added, and has a nice moisturizing quality. And although this shaving cream contains egg whites, it isn’t sticky and goopy.

I purposely didn’t apply lotion after shaving to see how well this product moisturized – and I am happy to report my legs still felt hydrated and moisturized the next morning, as well as being itch-free. I have really itchy skin on my legs, and this product definitely kept me from scratching. However, I did notice my legs started to itch about 24 hours later, so I would recommend moisturizing after each use.

LUSH recommends applying a generous amount of shaving cream to wet skin, and allowing the fluff to sink into your skin for 3-5 minutes. Also, rinse your razor often under hot to prevent build up of shaving cream and hair. Lastly, apply moisturizer after shaving.

However, for the sake of being as economical as possible – remember that this little pot holds enough for about 2 complete shaving sessions – I recommend mixing a bit of water into a quarter-sized glob of LUSH D’Fluff and spreading it onto the area you wish to shave, and repeat until your are hair-free. Be careful not to get the product too wet as it isn’t a really oily and sticky product, but rather creates a slippery lotion that washes off very easily (this product doesn’t foam like a soap, nor is it thick and oily).

LUSH Shaving Cream

If you use LUSH D’Fluff product when showering, I recommend turning off the water while shaving in order not to waste the product – this shaving cream melts very easily into a lotion, and rinses away really easily (which makes it a really nice shaving product, but makes it easy to waste).

The scent is yummy, but a bit odd at the same time. It smells somewhat like white chocolate mingled with flowers, with an odd sweet scent (which may be the golden syrup). Somewhere in the mix of aromas there’s a hint of strawberry, but it’s mostly lost among the smell of the cocoa butter and absolute oils.

If this product seems a bit pricey, keep in mind it contains many organic ingredients – organic free range egg whites, organic rose hip oil, organic cocoa butter, and organic maple sugar. The cocoa butter is also fair-trade. However, the main ingredients aren’t organic. For the complete list of ingredients in D’Fluff, click here.

LUSH Shaving Cream

In addition to the orgainic and fair-trade ingredients, D’Fluff also contains vanilla absolute and rose absolute, ingredients that tend to be more expensive.

The majority of the ingredients in LUSH D’Fluff shaving cream are rated as “low hazard” by, with the exception of sodium hydroxide, titanium dioxide, hexyl cinnamal, benzyl alcohol, limonene, and red 27, which are rated as “moderate hazard” depending on the usage in the formulation. Red 40 is rated as a “moderate hazard”.

LUSH Shaving Cream

The only “high hazard” ingredient in this product is eugenol, which states is a component of clove oil (but can also be produced in a laboratory), and can cause “allergies and contact dermatitis”. According to LUSH, the eugenol in this product is from essential oils.

To find ratings for many beauty ingredients, check out the Skin Deep section of the Environmental Working Group’s website.

While LUSH comes up with innovative products and uses fresh and organic ingredients, their products still contains some ingredients that many natural brands have eliminated. For instance, D’Fluff contains EDTA and tetrasodium etidronate. While these two ingredients are rated as “low hazard” according to, it seems quite a few natural brands no longer include these.

LUSH Shaving Cream

Overall, LUSH D’Fluff is an excellent shaving cream, even when diluted as I recommend. It’s moisturizing, perfectly slippery, non-greasy, and reduces razor burn. However, the scent is one you will either love or hate – I’m still not sure I like the smell. Also, even if you use this product economically, a session of shaving will run you about six dollars. While it’s expected that LUSH products are more costly due to their ingredients and being handmade, I still think it’s pricey for about 2 complete uses per container – also the main ingredient isn’t organic and is a cheaper oil. Lastly, as much as LUSH promotes itself as being a more natural choice, please be aware that several ingredients may be irritating to some people.


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