lavender chocolate product review

Lavender Chocolate by Organic Fair – REVIEW

While lavender is commonly used in aromatherapy, it also can be consumed. I’ve seen more and more recipes popping up that contain this floral herb. This Provence organic fair trade chocolate by Organic Fair is flavored with essences of lavender, rosemary, and sweet orange (but doesn’t contain actual herbs).

While this floral chocolate might not be for everyone, it certainly is unique in its flavor profile. I gave a piece to my boyfriend to try and his response was a horrified face and, “This tastes like deodorant”. Again, it’s not for everybody.

However, if you are a fan of Herbes de Provence – or culinary creations featuring lavender – this is a flavored chocolate you’ll want to try.

Keep reading this product review to find out if this organic lavender chocolate is your kind of treat.

DISCLAIMER: This product was purchased by the blogger. received NO compensation from Organic Fair for this product review. This product review does not represent medical or professional advice, it is an opinion only. Photographs may not depict the exact color of the product.

lavender chocolate product review


  • the packaging describes this chocolate as “summer afternoons in the south of France”
  • contains minimum 70% cacao
  • certified organic
  • contains fair-trade chocolate (but not certified)
  • available as a 43 g bar
  • 1% of sales support Direct Fair-Trade




  • rich, dark brown

    • firm, dense, and brittle
    • almost has the feel of cacao nibs


    • mint chocolate with a hint of lavender


    • begins with a slight mint taste that quickly becomes a noticeable lavender flavor
    • tastes of rosemary as well (but not of sweet orange)
    • dark, rich chocolate that is high quality
    • chocolate tastes and feels like cacao nibs (brittle), but with sweetness
    • moderate sweetness nicely balances the dark chocolate flavor
    • tastes like there are actual herbs in the chocolate (but flavored with herbal essences)


    • bitterness lingers on your palette
    • slight taste of lavender that quickly fades

    lavender chocolate product review


    • you like chocolate bars that contain a high volume of cacao (not sugar and other fillers)
    • you like the floral flavor of lavender
    • you enjoy the minty flavor of rosemary
    • you like dark chocolate with a hard, dense texture

    lavender chocolate product review


    When I first tried this lavender chocolate, I was really impressed – it was truly a unique experience. I should add here that I am a big fan of Herbes de Provence – a spice blend featuring a noticeable amount of lavender.

    But after eating two squares, the flavor of lavender was a bit too much for even me. I think most people will be able to eat just a few squares at a time due to the unique herbal taste of this bitter dark chocolate.

    As a kid, I liked Thrills – those horrible lavender soap-flavored chewing gum. Admittedly, as and adult, I could still manage to chew a piece of Thrills if I absolutely had to. So, it’s not that I don’t like lavender. And I did really enjoy this Provence chocolate by Organic Fair, but I think it’s best enjoyed in small portions.

    This chocolate is dominantly lavender and rosemary-flavored. I couldn’t pick up any notes of sweet orange.

    I am more than a little shocked at the price of this organic fair trade chocolate – I paid over $4.00 CAD for this small 43 g tablet.

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    lavender chocolate product review


    This product is available at many specialty stores. To find out where to purchase this lavender chocolate, US consumers can visit the Organic Fair website. Canadian consumers can visit this version of the Organic Fair website.


    • based in both Blaine, WA (USA) and Cobble Hill, BC(Canada)
    • produces organic fair-trade chocolate, soda syrups, and spices
    • supports small cacao growers
    • producing organic fair-trade chocolate since 2005
    • 15 flavors of chocolate to choose from (i.e. Little Monkey, Salt & Pepper, Heart of Gold, Canadiana, Sakura, and more)

    lavender chocolate product review


    Cacao mass, cane sugar, cocoa butter, ground vanilla beans, lavender essence, rosemary essence, sweet orange essence.

    Minimum 70% cacao. May contain traces of nuts, gluten, and dairy.


    If so, please share – or leave a comment below if you’ve tried this lavender chocolate.

    9 thoughts on “Lavender Chocolate by Organic Fair – REVIEW”

    1. I’m very interested in trying this after reading the review. I never thought I would say that about anything lavender flavoured. I always thought of it as a scent not something to eat!

      1. You might like Herbes de Provence, Julie. It’s basically a mix of died herbs (like rosemary, thyme, oregano) plus lavender petals. It sounds odd, but it’s really tasty.

    2. You know what? I would try this after reading this review. My initial reaction to reading the title of the chocolate bar was “eww…” but I am now also intrigued! I looove mint and rosemary, so although I’m not sure about EATING lavender, I’d give it a whirl for sure. I’m also now curious to try “Herbes de Provence” spice, as well as the “Sakura” and “Salt & Pepper” bars made by the same people!

      1. Until I tried this lavender chocolate I’d only ever eaten lavender in Herbes de Provence spice blend. Lavender chocolate is definitely intriguing, I’ll agree, but I couldn’t eat it every day 🙂

    3. Ooooh Lavender chocolate! I wonder if this would be good to eat before going to bed. I think it would be cool to try, but I bet I would be like you…it might be a little overwhelming after a few bites. Great post!

      1. Hi Afton! Yes, I too was so excited about lavender chocolate. And it was REALLY good and of great quality. However, a little is likely all you need as a treat. I never thought of eating a bit before bed – ha ha. I wonder if it would work as well as counting sheep?

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