moncigale fruits and wine review

MONTCIGALE Grapefruit Rose Wine

Fortified with grapefruit juice and natural flavors, this rosé wine is both natural-tasting, sweet, and lower in alcohol than typical wines.

Keep reading to find out if this Fruits and Wine product is something you’d sip this summer.


  • produced in France by Moncigale
  • made with rosé wine, grapefruit juice, and natural flavors
  • 7% alcohol

moncigale wine review

DISCLAIMER: This product was purchased by the blogger. received NO compensation from Moncigale for this wine review. This wine review does not represent medical or professional advice, it is an opinion only. Photographs may not depict the exact color of the product.



  • soft orange-rose hue


  • somewhat sweet
  • no bold grapefruit scent, not overly fruity or aromatic
  • just a hint of grapefruit/citrus


  • not quite medium-bodied, but definitely not watery
  • not syrupy, but has the consistency of a more sugary wine

moncigale grapefruit review


  • quite sweet, but not as sweet as dessert wine
  • enjoyable sweetness that isn’t sickly
  • subtle flavors of grapefruit and citrus
  • slight taste of grapefruit pith (but an enjoyable bitterness that balances some of the sweetness)
  • quite similar to the sweetness and body moscato
  • the grapefruit flavor and sweetness is most noticeable (with a hint of rosé wine underneath)
  • very simple flavor profile
  • very easy to drink (due to sweetness and lower alcohol content)


  • noticeable, yet enjoyable, bitterness of grapefruit pith
  • no artificial taste
  • some fuzziness lingers on the center of tongue

moncigale grapefruit review


  • you enjoy sweet wines
  • you like wines with simple flavors
  • you want something that doesn’t have a strong wine taste
  • you don’t mind the bitter taste of grapefruit pith (though it’s very palatable in this wine)
  • you like moscato wine (this wine has about the same sweetness and body)


The best way to describe this wine is that it has the sweetness of moscato, plus subtle but natural grapefruit flavors. While it’s quite similar to moscato (minus the fizz), the flavor of rosé wine can be somewhat found under the grapefruit.

This is the second bottle of this wine I’ve purchased, and I would definitely buy it again, especially on a really hot summer day. It’s very easy to drink and doesn’t have a strong wine taste. The sweetness and grapefruit flavor makes it something a little different than a wine, but not quite a wine cooler. The grapefruit flavor taste is more or less natural and isn’t too bitter.

If your taste in wine leans more toward sour and crisp, check out Fresh As A Daisy by Evans & Tate, a sauvignon blanc with notes of passion fruit.

moncigale grapefruit review


I purchased this wine at my local independent liquor store in Calgary, Alberta. The price was a little over $11.00 CAD (purchased in 2016). Check your local liquor retailer for availability.

You can find out more about this wine and Moncigale at their website.


If so, please share – or leave your thoughts below on this sweet grapefruit wine.

9 thoughts on “MONTCIGALE Grapefruit Rose Wine”

  1. Went to Co-op recently to look for this but they only had the white sangria. Very similar to the grapefruit though from your description – very sweet and thick with a hint of fruit flavor. I would have preferred some fizz and may mix if I try it again, however my friend enjoyed it as-is. Bring on more wine reviews! 😉

  2. I’m going to have to search for this one. I just had another grapefruit wine a few weeks ago and it was amazing! It was called Dona Paula Savignon Blanc, I was amazed at how refreshing it was!

  3. I’ll have to try this. I love fruit wines and have never come across a grapefruit one! Thanks, Anita!

  4. Which liquor store in Calgary did you buy it at? My fiancé and I loved the grapefruit wine in France last summer on a hot day but haven’t been able to find it here yet. Thanks!

    1. I bought this at Co-op Midtown Market liquor store (across the street from the actual grocery store), but I think it’s also available at the Mewata location as well. It was about $11 or 12 dollars. At one point they had it on sale for $9 and change 🙂 Enjoy!

      1. Oops, I actually bought this at Sollys Spirits & Wines. It’s an independent liquor store at 839 6 Ave SW (at 8th Street). But it’s also available at the Co-op locations I mentioned above.

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