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EVANS & TATE Fresh As A Daisy Savignon Blanc

I bought this sauvignon blanc because of it’s fun name and pretty label. The label features a bouquet of daisies and other flowers in what appears to be a waffle cone (the kind used for ice cream). Interesting.

I was also attracted to the pale, watery color of this wine – it looked light and refreshing.

The Evans & Tate winery features some wines with really clever names – such as Breathing Space, Cloud Dancer, Warm Days, and Cool Nights.

Keep reading this wine review to find out if this sauvignon blanc revealed a bouquet of flavors.

DISCLAIMER: This product was purchased by the blogger. received NO compensation from Evans & Tate for this wine review. This wine review does not represent medical or professional advice, it is an opinion only. Photographs may not depict the exact color of the product.

sauvignon blanc review


  • aromas of gooseberry, lime leaf, melon, lychee, grass, custard apple, toast, and spice (from Evans & Tate website)
  • flavors of “passion fruit and other tropical fruit notes and a lively acidity” – from the label
  • easy-to-drink, fresh and crisp
  • pairs well with oysters or summer salads
  • 2017 is the peak drinking time
  • 12.5% alcohol



  • light straw
  • quite pale


  • sour and crisp, but with a hint of sweetness
  • subtle notes of sour apple and green grape
  • slight petroleum scent
  • not overly aromatic (could be due to drinking it before peak drinking year)


  • light-bodied and watery
  • slight fizz in first glass (no bubbles in wine, but sensation on tongue)

Fresh As A Daisy wine review


  • more sour than sweet, yet balanced
  • definitely a sour wine, but not an off-putting acidity
  • subtle notes of passion fruit
  • light flavor
  • perhaps a hint of bitterness at the finish


  • sourness remains on palate, but not overwhelming
  • no pronounced fruit flavor

sauvignon blanc review


  • you want something lighter (wine is watery)
  • you like lighter, simple flavor
  • you like the taste of passion fruit
  • you prefer sour to sweet


This is probably the lightest white wine I’ve ever tasted – it has a very watery consistency.

While subtle in flavor, I’ll give it credit it does possess a subtle, yet recognizable, passion fruit flavor. This wine is crisp in the sense it’s sour, but with other mellow characteristics so that it’s actually easy to drink. The meek flavor may be due to drinking it before it’s peak, which is 2017.

Not my favorite, but if left to age, it might possess more potency in scent and taste. I’m not likely to buy Fresh As A Daisy again as I like a little sweetness in my whites. I also prefer more pronounced fruit flavors (though the passion fruit was a nice flavor, and one I haven’t had in a white wine before). I can’t say this wine had a bouquet of flavors or aromas.

If you want a lighter, sour wine that’s still easy-to-drink – and like the flavor of passion fruit – this wine might be your pick.

Fresh As A Daisy wine review


I purchased this wine at my local independent liquor store in Calgary, Alberta. The price was $15.00 CAD (purchased in 2016). Check your local liquor retailer for availability.

You can find out more about this wine and Evans & Tate at their website.


  • vineyard planted in 1975 by John Evans and John Tate
  • located in South West Australia
  • winery was purchased by McWilliam’s Family Winemakers in 2007


If so, please share – or leave your thoughts below on this sauvignon blanc.

6 thoughts on “EVANS & TATE Fresh As A Daisy Savignon Blanc”

  1. I also prefer fruitier wines to sour/dry. That’s too bad – I was really stoked to try this wine after seeing the label! If I run across it, I probably will see what it’s like but I wouldn’t seek it out based on my personal taste. Thanks, A!

  2. I like reds mostly. Dryer the better…I don’t believe that this wine would be enjoyable for me. If served it, I would drink it but slowly! 😊

  3. I love light wines, and anything sour! It’s dandelions I’m allergic to, I think I’d be okay with daisies, but I don’t think they would be in it, it probably wouldn’t taste very good.

  4. I have to look for this wine at the liquor store, I love sour wines. I wonder if it really has any daisies in the ingredients?

    1. I don’t think it has daisies in it – LOL. However, aren’t you allergic to daisies? In that case, it wouldn’t be funny if it did. If you like sour, you might like this. It has a nice passion fruit taste, but it’s a bit mild and watery. With that said, we all like different things, and you might like the lightness.

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