Davids Tea Sticky Rice Oolong

DAVIDS TEA Sticky Rice Oolong

This is one of few Davids Tea selections for which less is more. Typically, I love my tea strong, but this Davids Tea oolong tastes best when you use just a little.

For anyone who loves rice, this tea has the creamy and sweet flavor of traditional rice paired with the gentle herbal flavor of oolong. It’s one way to enjoy the delicious flavor of rice, minus the carbs and the calories.

This is one of several new teas that Davids Tea has launched in September 2017, from a collection they call Straight Tea. These teas are made of a few simple ingredients and contain no artificial flavoring.

There’s a bit of mystery surrounding this Davids Tea oolong as it hasn’t officially shown up on their website alongside the other oolong teas. Instead, it is on an ambiguous page that I will provide the link for here.

I’m guessing Sticky Rice Oolong is either not available in every retail location, or it’s a very limited edition tea. If you are interested in this tea, check with your local Davids Tea location to see if they have any as I don’t see it available online. I purchased this tea at the Davids Tea store on 17th Avenue in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, during the last week of September 2017.


  • moderate caffeine
  • made of two ingredients only (oolong tea, sticky rice leaves)
  • from the Straight Tea collection
  • a limited edition tea
DISCLAIMER: This product was purchased by the blogger. Neetzy.com received NO compensation from Davids Tea for this review. This review does not represent medical or professional advice, it is an opinion only. Photographs may not depict the exact color of the product.

Davids Tea Sticky Rice Oolong



  • dark green/grey leaves


  • moderate traditional rice scent


For best results, Davids Tea recommends using hot water, rather than near-boiling water, when preparing this tea. So, be sure to let your water cool a little after it reaches a boil.

Use the following steeping method for a cuppa that has more of a rice scent than and oolong aroma, and the best flavors of soft rice and oolong, as well as no bitter aftertaste:

  • use 1.25 teaspoons of loose tea
  • steep for 7 minutes using hot water

I also tested this Davids Tea oolong using 2.5 teaspoons of loose tea and steeped for 7 minutes using hot water. The result was a tea that smelled more of oolong than rice, and tasted more so of oolong, overpowering the sweet and creamy rice notes. The oolong flavor was bitter, too. This steeping method makes this oolong seem more like a black tea.

Lastly, because I prefer a strong, bold tea, I tried using 2.5 teaspoons of loose tea and steeping it in hot water for 10 minutes. This steeping method made the tea too bitter, and the yummy rice flavors became too jumbled. The tannins in the tea were very strong, leaving a dry sensation in my mouth. Basically, this steeping method made this delicate oolong tea taste like a black tea that was steeped too long.

Davids Tea oolong


Oolong tea, sticky rice leaves (Nuo Mi Xiang).


Although I love a cuppa strong, bold tea, using more tea made the sweet rice notes get bogged down with an overpowering and bitter taste of oolong. Typically, I find oolong tea the perfect tea, having just enough tea flavor without being as bitter as black tea, and without the oceanic taste of green tea. But, this oolong is best enjoyed in a lighter format.

It’s a shame to miss out on the unique flavor profile of this tea, therefore, I found the best way to make this tea and experience all it’s nuances was to use just a little tea. Using just 1.25 teaspoons of loose tea and steeping for 7 minutes resulted in a tea that tasted perfectly of oolong and had a really enjoyable hint of rice. The subtle creaminess from the sticky rice leaves made it seem like it had a splash of milk added to it.

This is a really lovely tea if you like the fragrant, sweet, creamy taste of rice. It’s also a tea that is flavored with natural, whole ingredients rather than artificial and natural flavorings, which many of Davids Tea blends contain.


This Davids Tea oolong can be purchased at select Davids Tea locations in Canada, and possibly in the United States as well. This tea sells for $14.98 CAD per 50 g in Canada.

This is a limited edition tea, and Davids Tea has not listed this tea for sale on their website as of October 1, 2017. Check your local retail store for availability.

Neetzy.com is NOT an affiliate of Davids Tea.


  • began in 2008 in the city of Montreal (Canada)
  • as of 2017, over 200 Davids Tea retail stores are located throughout Canada and the USA



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