cricket flour protein bar review

Cricket Protein Bar (Chocolate, Coffee, and Cayenne) – REVIEW

Insert the sound of crickets chirping here. Literally. This protein bar contains dates, cocoa, coffee beans, cayenne – and crickets!

While there aren’t any crunchy legs or stringy antenna in this dense, chocolate-flavored product, some of you (myself included) will need to be coaxed to try something made with cricket flour. As I photographed this product, I had to take a deep breath before tearing open the wrapper. Surprisingly, as the protein bar slid out I was hit with the rich smell of chocolate that smelled like a yummy brownie.

Keep in mind that dates are the first item on the ingredient list – remind yourself of this as you take small bites of this bar and chew. Perhaps a reminder that this product contains cricket flour – not whole crickets – will help you keep your appetite.

As you scroll through the images below, you will notice a photo capturing my first bite – a tiny little morsel bitten off the end. I was scared to death to try this protein bar.

For those unfazed by eating insects, if you like spicy chocolate, coffee, and dates, this protein bar should be quite enjoyable.

Keep reading to find out if this Chapul cricket protein bar will give you the heebie jeebies, or an afternoon boost of energy.

DISCLAIMER: This product was purchased by the blogger. received NO compensation from Chapul for this review. This review does not represent medical or professional advice, it is an opinion only. Photographs may not depict the exact color of the product.

cricket flour protein bar review


  • dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free
  • contains all essential amino acids
  • made with organic dates and organic coffee beans
  • 150 calories, 25 g sugar, 7 g fiber, and 5 g protein
  • “the Original Cricket Bar” – from product packaging
  • crickets contain twice the protein as beef – from
  • product size is 1.9 oz (54 g)
  • made in USA

cricket flour protein bar review



  • rich cocoa, like a brownie
  • sweet
  • no odd scent


  • dense, chewy
  • dehydrated dates with fragments of coffee beans
  • similar to flourless chocolate cake
  • no cricket texture whatsoever


  • richness of dark cocoa, smokiness of dark coffee, and spiciness of cayenne
  • very sweet (about half the bar is sugar from dates)
  • very spicy (heat stays on your tongue, sides of mouth)
  • no taste of crickets (no odd taste)


  • mainly of crushed cricket arms and legs with subtle notes of antenna

No, no, no, just kidding – again, this product tastes nothing of crickets. Truthfully, the lingering taste is a mocha/coffee flavor with lingering heat from the cayenne.



Organic Dates, Cocoa, Chapul Cricket Flour (Brown Cricket, Acheta Domestica), Organic Espresso Roast Coffee Beans, Cayenne.

NOTE: If you have shellfish allergies, you also may be allergic to crickets. This protein bar is produced on equipment that processes dairy, soy, wheat, eggs, peanuts and tree nuts. May contain date pit pieces.

Please note that this protein bar is high in naturally-occurring sugar (from dates). Each 54-g serving contains 25 g of sugar.

Other nutritional values:

150 Calories
2 g Fat (1 g Saturated Fat, 0 g Trans Fat)
0 mg Cholesterol
132 mg Sodium
36 g Carbohydrate (7 g Dietary Fiber, 25 g Sugar)
5 g Protein

2 % DV Vitamin C
3% DV Calcium
17% DV Iron

cricket flour protein bar review


  • you like a really sweet protein bar
  • you like the texture of dates and the flavor of coffee and chocolate
  • you don’t mind spicy foods that have a lingering heat
  • you don’t mind eating pieces of coffee bean
  • you are adventurous enough to eat ground crickets (though you can’t taste them)


When I eyed this at my local health food store (Community Natural Foods in downtown Calgary), my mouth dropped open. Ewwww was my first reaction. Then I started reading the back of the packaging, which asks the question, “Why eat crickets?” The answer followed: “In a changing world, our diets will dictate our destiny.” I found this profound.

However, I’d require a little coaxing to eat crickets every day. The packaging blurb continued with a few facts about cricket farming – for instance, cricket harvesting requires fewer resources (about 1% of the water and 17% of the food which is needed to raise animals for consumption). And according to the packaging, raising crickets is more sustainable than growing some plant-based foods such as soy, rice, and corn.

cricket flour protein bar review

I was amazed at how much flavor was in this Chapul bar (a.k.a. Aztec Bar). I was further amazed by the texture, which made it very palatable. It’s heavy like flourless chocolate cake or a really dense brownie. Mostly, it’s dehydrated fibrous date with the odd crunchy bit (which is likely a piece of date pit or a fragment of coffee bean, not a crispy leg).

I think the concept of this product is great (and the quality is exceptional) – a more sustainable animal protein that uses less water and other precious resources for production. However, in Canada, the price is close to five bucks a bar, which is a little on the pricey side for a 54-g serving.

cricket flour protein bar review

Admittedly, I could only eat half of the bar in one sitting because I was thinking about eating crickets. A week later, as I finalized this review, I still had a little chunk of the bar sitting on my desk. I have a ways to go before wrapping my mind around eating crickets. However, this bar was absolutely delicious! Rich, dark cocoa and coffee flavors, natural sweetness from the dates, nice dense texture, no crunchy cricket shells, and a vibrant punch of cayenne. Honestly, it was one of the tastiest protein bars I’ve had in a long time.

I highly recommend stepping out of your comfort zone to try this product – the taste and texture are fantastic.

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cricket flour protein bar review


This product is available via the Chapul website, and at many retail stores. I purchased this Chapul product at Community Natural Foods in downtown Calgary for $4.59 CAD in February 2016.


  • founded by Pat Crowley in 2012
  • states that cricket flour contains twice the protein as beef
  • Chapul gives 1% of its profits to water conservation
  • listen to Pat’s background and more about cricket protein at the Utah Foodie podcast, Episode #42


If so, please share – or leave a comment below if you’ve tried this protein bar containing cricket flour.

3 thoughts on “Cricket Protein Bar (Chocolate, Coffee, and Cayenne) – REVIEW”

  1. I have not tried this; however, if it was given to me and I was unaware of the cricket factor, I would eat it, given the fact I LOVE chocolate and really enjoy spicy. Great sense of humour, Cuz. 😊

    1. You really couldn’t tell there were crickets in there, and this bar was really yummy. However, it is a mind over matter thing for me – I kept thinking of cricket legs. But with a little practice, I think I could eat these once in a while.

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