Tazo Chocolate Coffee review

TAZA CHOCOLATE Chocolate Mexicano – Coffee

Eating plain cacao, or 99% chocolate, can be too bold and bitter for some people (myself included). This stone ground Taza Chocolate is sweetened with cane sugar, making cacao beans much easier to eat.

This product contains 3 ingredients: organic cacao beans, organic cane sugar, and organic coffee beans.

Keep reading this review to find out how this stone ground chocolate compares to traditional chocolate.

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Taza Chocolate review


  • “unrefined, minimally processed chocolate with bold flavor and texture” – from Taza Chocolate website
  • Mexican-style dark chocolate
  • made with Direct Trade cacao
  • certified gluten-free, Kosher (Pareve), and organic
  • vertified non-GMO
  • free of dairy and soy
  • made in Somerville, Massachusetts, USA

Taza Chocolate review



  • deep black-brown


  • sweet, dark chocolate scent
  • no noticeable coffee smell


  • granular and gritty (due to large crystals of sugar)
  • some fine coffee grinds

Taza Chocolate review


  • sweet due to sugar granules
  • dark, with sour notes from cacao and coffee beans
  • coffee flavor is subtle
  • very little bitterness
  • bold flavor from simple, recognizable ingredients
  • raw and unprocessed in taste
  • tastes much like typical dark chocolate (but less waxy and with more texture)


  • slight dark chocolate taste
  • some sourness

Taza Chocolate review


Organic cacao beans, organic cane sugar, organic coffee beans.

Nutritional values per 38-g disc:

210 Calories
12 g Fat (7 g Saturated Fat, 0 g Trans Fat)
0 mg Cholesterol
0 mg Sodium
22 g Carbohydrate (3 g Dietary Fiber, 16 g Sugar)
3 g Protein

6% DV Iron


  • you don’t mind the granular texture of cane sugar (contains large crystals)
  • you like the taste of coffee (though the flavor is subtle)
  • you are open-minded to a differently textured chocolate
  • you want a simpler chocolate product with less ingredients

Taza Chocolate review


The ground coffee isn’t immediately noticeable due to the large sugar granules in this stone ground chocolate. I found this chocolate to be more sour than bitter, which might be because of the coffee grinds.

Stone ground chocolate is definitely different than traditional chocolate, though mostly in texture. While Taza Chocolate doesn’t contain cocoa butter (or fillers), it wasn’t as dry as I expected. The ingredients melt in your mouth to make a consistency that’s pretty close to traditional dark chocolate. Chewing the chocolate is perhaps where this product differs most from regular chocolate – it’s grainy, though the cacao beans are very fine. The crystals of sugar make it crunchy.

I liked this product because of it’s simple ingredients, though I have to admit, the texture is something I have to get used to. I wouldn’t say that stone ground is my go-to choice for chocolate, but this product was high-quality in taste, consisted of ingredients I could physically identify, and worth the experience. Definitely a great choice for chocoholics – or anyone – who wants to eat more simply.

Taza Chocolate review


I purchased this Taza Coffee Chocolate from Vitacost.com. If you are in the US, you can purchase directly from the manufacturer’s website, Taza Chocolate.


  • founded in 2005 by Alex Whitmore and his wife, Kathleen Fulton
  • learned the art of making stone ground chocolate in Oaxaca, Mexico
  • the company works directly with cacao farmers, and pays more than the Fair Trade price


If so, please share – or leave your thoughts below on stone ground chocolate.

5 thoughts on “TAZA CHOCOLATE Chocolate Mexicano – Coffee”

  1. Yes it’s call My Fair Ladies, it’s great, a good mix of everything. It reminds me of Ten thousand villages.

  2. Hmmmm. Should have read this before my trip! I would have picked some up. 😉 Sounds good. I live dark chocolate and don’t really get put off by most texture.

  3. Oh…I may have to try this chocolate. There is a fair trade store in Sydney (NS) now and they sell this brand of chocolate. I love when chocolate has a bit of crunch to it, it makes it seem more substantial for some reason. I also love putting a square or two of dark chocolate in my morning coffee, and this sounds like a good one to try next!

    1. That is great there’s a fair-trade store in Sydney. Wow, I can’t believe they have this chocolate – it comes in other flavors, too.

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